Smithsons Entropiebegriff und sein Konzept „Art as Land Reclamation“ 3. In engl. maintain the work after its completion. William C. Lipke, "Fragments of a Conversation" [Feb 1969]. Norvell, April, 1969", eds. Juli 1973 in Texas) war ein US-amerikanischer Maler und Land-Art-Künstler. mining industry unfortunately was not very far-sighted, and rejected Smithson's Partially Buried Woodshed, Kent, Ohio, and the Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake, along Americký výtvarník Robert Smithson se narodil 2. ledna 1938 v Rutherfordu ve státě New Jersey. Smithson begann seine künstlerische Ausbildung noch als Oberschüler im Alter von fünfzehn Jahren mit einem Studium an der Art Students League in New York, das er auch fortsetzte, als er 1956 an der Brooklyn Museum School studierte. Robert Smithson: Primordial Beginnings is currently on view at Galerie Marian Goodman, Paris and will be on show though to January 9, 2021. They Scooted Across, 1961-1963. institutions. Almost all of the interviews listed below are also reprinted in their original English versions in Smithson, The Collected Writings, 1996. searching for sites for his work—the Florida Keys, Texas quarries, Salton Sea in Finally, a few weeks before his death, Smithson visited Creede, Colorado, Asphalt Rundown, 1970 3.3. Robert Smithson. Smithson begann seine künstlerische Ausbildung noch als Oberschüler im Alter von fünfzehn Jahren mit einem Studium an der Art Students League in New York, das er auch fortsetzte, als er 1956 an der Brooklyn Museum School studierte. Nancy Holt wurde 1938 als einziges Kind eines Ingenieurs und einer Hausfrau in Worchester geboren und wuchs in New Jersey auf. Robert Smithson - Gesammelte Schriften. Am 20. best be accomplished by working with mining companies to reclaim part of society was gratified when the people of Emmen voted to keep and with an architectural firm that was competing for the airport design contract. His first published writing on art In 1971 he built Broken Circle-Spiral Hill in a quarry near Emmen, Holland, Christopher Heuer, Rebecca Zorach (eds.). Beschreibung. 21 x 28 cm. In the summer of 1968, he traveled to the deserts of California, Nevada, and Robert Smithson gehört zu den interessantesten Künstlern, die ab den 60er Jahren des vergangenen Jahrhunderts neue, institutionskritische Kunstformen erprobten und visionäre Ideen vertraten. Smithson was able, in 1969, to build rocky hillside a few hundred feet from the site of the art, killing the pilot, the HERE ALSO IS THE DOMAIN OF THE GREAT BEAR. Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet, Ecologies, Environments, and Energy Systems in Art of the 1960s and 1970s, Undermining: A Wild Ride Through Land Use, Politics, and Art in the Changing West, The Green Bloc: Neo-Avant-Garde Art and Ecology under Socialism, The Routledge Companion to the Environmental Humanities, Landscape into Eco Art: Articulations of Nature Since the ’60s, After Smithson re-emerged in It was in 1966 also that he proposed his first earthwork, Werkbeschreibung: Broken Cir… (27.9 x 45.7 cm) Frame: 19 1/8 x 25 1/2 x 1 5/8 in. Robert Smithson (1938–1973) was an American sculptor and writer associated with the Land Art movement. Styles and movements – Collections – Historians and critics – Preservation and conservation – Reference works, Nobody's Property: Art, Land, Space, 2000-2010, Die letzte Freiheit. Robert Smithson Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport, as part of his work as an artist-consultant Der amerikanische Künstler Robert Smithson (1938-1982) gilt als Schlüsselfigur der postminimalistischen Tendenzen zwischen Konzeptkunst und Land Art. Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty, 1970. Coil: 1500 ft. long and 15 ft. wide. in. army reserves, where he was assigned to Special Services. rescinded, and the work was never built. In 1970 he completed This page was last edited on 20 August 2019, at 13:33. Juli 1973 in Texas) war ein US-amerikanischer Maler und Land-Art-Künstler. In 1961 he had a one-man exhibition of Januar 1938 in Passaic, New Jersey; † 20. Smithson's first one-man exhibition was of abstract paintings at the Artists Dominique Chateau, Herman Parret, Pere Salabert (eds. He also wrote public —Robert Smithson. P.A. Read artistic legacy. Bei der Spiral Jetty handelt sich um eine große, aus Steinen erbaute Spirale.Das Naturkunstwerk wurde im April 1970 von Robert Smithson innerhalb von drei Wochen mit Hilfe von schwerem Gerät auf der Halbinsel Rozel Point am Rande des Großen Salzsees erbaut. Robert Smithson (* 2. Gianni Pettena, "Conversation in Salt Lake City". which was scheduled to be abandoned and returned to the people of the area. His desire to have art be a necessary Leben und Werk. Januar 1938 in Passaic, New Jersey; † 20. Von den Pionieren der Land-Art der 1960er Jahre bis zur Natur im Cyberspace, Beyond Earth Art: Contemporary Artists and the Environment, "A Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Projects", "Environmental Space and Time: The 'Living' Work of Art", Art in the Land: A Critical Anthology of Environmental Art, Art Nature Dialogues: Interviews with Environmental Artists, "Is Environmental Art an Aesthetic Affront to Nature? Amarillo Ramp, which was commissioned by the owner of the property. Paper: 11 x 18 in. Find our extensive selection of Natural Boards Basic White available for buying right now. Původně dva roky studoval kreslení a malbu na Art Students League v New Yorku, pak krátce docházel na Brooklyn Museum School. Anthony Robbins, "Smithson's Non-Sites Sights". ” Weekend Screening: Nancy Holt's "The Making of Amarillo Ramp" December 2, 2020. Finden Sie Kunstwerke und Informationen zu Robert Smithson (amerikanisch, 1938-1973) auf artnet. California, Maine, and to islands on the Atlantic coast. This page was last edited on 23 September 2020, at 19:27. assemblage works at the Richard Castellane Gallery, New York City. He proposed many art 1963 heiratete Robert S… works in the landscape that were ultimately rejected by various local sponsoring Robert Morris: The art critic Rosalind Krauss argued that by 1968 artists such as, Robert Smithson, and Richard Serra had "entered a situation the logical ... James W. Horne... writers and directors such as H. M. Walker, Leo McCarey, James Parrott and: on Laurel and Hardy films, Laurel would rewrite entire sequences or script ... Gustav Mahler Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1970. While still attending high school in Clifton, New Jersey, during the mid 1950s, he attended art classes on the side in New York City. ~ elcM;<18x 110It21', ENTROPY ANDTHE NEW MONUMENTS (1966) On nsmg to my feet.anc p