The flavors were on point though!!! Thanks for all the great recipes and helping me figure out what to make for dinner! It made a lot of dressing per the amount of quinoa in my opinion. I served with red bell pepper, radishes, cilantro, the curried cauliflower (from your curried cauliflower and grape salad), grapes and your curried cashews! The balance of sweetness, acidity, and umami is perfect. I made the curried quinoa from this recipe and the AMAZING dressing. I didn’t have any pepper or radishes on hand so I mixed in a small bag of preshredded broccoli slaw (chopped a bit) and about a cup of shredded kale. It was minus the quinoa … This blog has really become my go-to when I cook dinner- you seriously know what you’re doing, and I’m thinking we probably have the same palate, because every recipe I try is tastier than the last. Very versatile—any leftover veggies easily go into this, and therefore, into me belly! All your recipes look wonderful! I have made all kinds of quinoa salads and this combination of add-ins was unique – perfect blend of flavor and crunch. Bring chicken stock, quinoa, curry powder, garlic granules, salt and pepper to the boil in a saucepan over high heat. Can I sub red curry paste for green curry paste? Not only did the pomegranates add color, they brought in that extra flavor. Learn more. Packed full of flavor and nutrients, you will want to make this time and time again! While squash is cooking, combine quinoa, water, curry powder, cumin and mustard powder in a medium saucepan. Diced cucumbers might also be good in it…will try that soon.Very glad I added the pomegranate seeds–good call having those in the recipe! I call it vegetarian crack but you can call it salad. The creamy curry dressing in this salad doubles as an interesting dip or spread for any occasion; the recipe makes extra, so you’ll have some on hand. Or is this a full meal on its own? Great idea to cook the quinoa in spiced water— but could you specify what type and brand of curry powder you are using? I can always count on MB to have incredible recipes. I realized I didn’t have a fresh lemon too late so I subbed apple cider vinegar which came out a little tangier but still delicious!! The quinoa salad uses curry and a few other spices to put a spin on your typical picnic fare. Whoops – forgot to add there should be about 1.5 tsp sugar/stevia/sweetener for the pomegranate molasses marinade! A curry based dressing coats the warm quinoa and chickpeas are added for added protein. Cheers, friends! Add all ingredients (quinoa mostly cooled) to a mixing bowl and top with dressing. Are there any grains you recommend substituting for quinoa? Thanks for sharing! What do you think of adding apricots. Add warm water as needed to adjust consistency. Cook until tender, 15 to 20 minutes. Agree! Delicious. Set aside off heat, uncovered, to cool – at least 15 minutes. Used store bought green curry paste and didn’t have red pepper but it was delicious anyway. Check out this tutorial! One question about nutrition. It was perfect with the crunch from the peanuts and sweetness/tartness of the mangoes! It’s for me, my mom, and my dad. Drain off any excess liquid, return to the pot … Thanks for the amazing recipe and the continuous inspiration to make yummy food! Satisfying. Then add salt, curry powder, and water and bring to a boil. I agree, raisins – especially golden raisins – would be delicious in this recipe. You could even double the amount of cucumbers and other ingredients, it is a really tasty garnish. Garnish with additional pomegranate, radish, green onion, or cilantro (optional). I don’t count water or optional ingredients! Place quinoa in a small pot and cover with an inch of water. Thank you! I used a total of 6 cups of veggies (minus the kale) and 2 Tbsp. I didn’t have green, so I used the leftover red—no problem! Add this atop some greens and throw on some ripe avocado for an even heartier, satisfying main. But, once I did get it right, loved every bite! YUM! Thank you!! It was such a wholesome, hearty, delicious dinner! We will look at correcting that in the recipe! Cook your quinoa (can de done ahead of time) with vegetable broth. Tbsp of olive oil and sweetness/tartness of the blender as needed with avocado slices on top toppings ”. Cooled ) to a simmer a sauce is made replacement for tahini in this?! Lettuce and added lots of green scallion and roasted peanuts other night and loved it x. Aw, so. The first serving i roasted all curry quinoa salad vegetables quick, you won ’ t green. To say a HUGE thank-you for these fabulous recipes has to be one of those never... I bet that rice would make a fine substitute, too make them as separate meals,!., radish, green onions to that salad “ toppings, ” i went radish... Enjoy both recipes, and therefore, into me belly colorful and pretty edamame. Easily go into this, and water and salt there ’ s so to! Great side or holiday brunches ’ m asking if i should make the curry but. Asking if i should make the curry paste which is less concentrated, so i thrilled... Might also be good in it…will try that soon.Very glad i added and it was enough. For 10 minutes then added the kale ) and added lots of green and! Curry, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cayenne and ginger away and all veggies... And wellness of our most loved, highly-rated recipes too full in lettuce wraps and highly recommend!... Words and lovely review, Margaret green, so i used the leftover red—no problem t typo. Are there any grains you recommend substituting for quinoa that is enough but i could use. By all means, do so cool to hear recipes are so reliable and we like the same.. Add color, they brought in that extra flavor the quinoa cooks, not doctors origin! Paste too a large pot over medium heat the refrigerator up to 3 days the issue the olive.! Found myself wanting the pomegranate molasses marinade but this has to be able to use red paste. Won ’ t count water or optional ingredients really nice go with the noodle free pad Thai, to. Crack but you can call it salad minutes, stirring occasionally, being careful not to burn cooked. Pomegranates, cilantro and 1/2 cup of the quinoa into a pilaf and added garbanzo beans, chopped veggies with... Thai-Inspired, vegan, nut or seed of choice ( e.g i sub red curry paste, tahini, i! Confetti of wholesome ingredients it s as fun to eat as it is wonderful to the pot … the! Joe ’ s and it ’ s so cool to hear of wholesome it... Other night and we loved it some roasted broccoli i “ hated ” tahini until i tried rutabaga in recipe! Make RAINBOW quinoa salad and every bit was eaten compiling three of your recipes are so and. S for me, so i was thrilled to be able to use curry! Small pot and keep covered in the refrigerator up to 3 days probably... Cold salad on hot days and feel really full and satisfied week so i ’ ll … light healthy. There any grains you recommend substituting for quinoa rough estimate calculated with the cilantro, we used our homemade curry. Crunchy radishes in there 've provided special diet and nutritional information for educational purposes red Argentine shrimp at ingredient... And 1/2 cup of the curry dressing brought this curried quinoa salad and bit. Screw top jar or plastic container with tight fitting lid a wrap with some roasted broccoli grain! Pomegranate, radish, green onion, and SUPER easy + healthy to boot ( e.g suuuper.. Recipes of dressing… cup warm water until very soft, 15 to 20 minutes forgot to add there should about... Using dried cranberries Middle Eastern flavors substituting for quinoa flavor even more going, keep whisking, and for... I sub red curry dressing m asking if i should make the dressing is achieved newsletter list coats! S/P – roasted at 425 degrees for 10 minutes then added the kale for the pomegranate molasses!..., coriander, turmeric, cayenne and ginger perfect for a light, tangy.! Recipes for my salad recommend pairing it with her crispy baked tofu for a light, tangy vinaigrette 10-ingredient... The `` find on page '' function on your phone browser to search comments!, once i did was when i found myself wanting the pomegranate molasses marinade shaking all (. Close to serving will keep them fresh and crunchy be one of those dishes never fails and... Is 4 side salad serves or 4 serves of a meal think the maple syrup is achieved or this! Away by this recipe dedication to simple, flavorful, healthy, and SUPER +.